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providing links to website resources for research understanding frequent bible Questions

Bible Question and Answers providing links to website resources for research understanding frequent bible Questions.

The Bible is full of interesting characters we’d like to know more about. Understanding the “who” of the Bible is very important—and very interesting! What happened? What should we do? What does it mean? The Bible is a fascinating book that requires deep study and asking many “what” questions. When - Our time is our life. We naturally seek to understand when things happened or will happen. So “when” is a natural way to begin a question about the Bible. Where - God designed us to want to understand the way places affect people and things. Where can we look for answers to “where” questions about the Bible? Why - God created us to wonder and ponder the meaning of what we read and experience. He wants us to ask “why” and to search His Bible for understanding. How - When studying the Bible we might puzzle over how something happened or how it worked. Researching the “how” can give us the practical answers we need.

Blue Letter Bible - Don Stewart Answers

Blue Letter Bible

Don Stewart has written over twenty books on the subject of evidences for the Christian faith. These include, The Basic Bible Study Series, You Be the Judge, 10 Reasons To Trust the Bible, and The Coming Temple. In the last fifteen years, he has spoken in over thirty countries proclaiming the message that the Christian faith is both reasonable and intelligent. We hope you enjoy and make good use of these answers!


Got Questions ?

Got Questions

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Got Questions International

Christian Answers Net

Christian Answers Net

Mission Statement and General Description.
CHRISTIAN ANSWERS is a worldwide evangelism, education and discipleship ministry of Films for Christ. Our primary goal is to provide accurate, biblical answers on a wide variety of questions asked by Christians and non-Christians. Questions can be submitted on-line. We also provide a great deal of other valuable information and resources related to Christianity, Christian education, discipleship, media, and more


Life Hope & Truth

Life Hope Truth
We explain the meaning of Bible verses that do not seem clear to most people. God gave us the Bible as a guide to life; but for many reasons, the meanings of certain sections of Scripture are not immediately clear. Sometimes that is due to translation issues; sometimes confusion comes from not knowing the historical background; sometimes you have been told the Bible says something that it truly does not say! We clear those issues up for you. Yet we do not interpret the Bible. We believe it interprets itself. Even so, we recognize that special help is necessary at times. It might be as simple as showing people what verses link with others on the same topic to give a fuller picture. We are here to provide that service for you.

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