Working Through Life's Problems & Challenges 

Life has problems & Challenges

Every day sudden and tragic events happen that changes people’s lives. We experience many emotions and struggle to carry-on living. I can sincerely say, “I do not know how you feel or have any solutions, but have compassion for you. Every person finds an individual way coping with life’s problems. My hope is that something on this website Working through Life's Problems & Challenges, will provide resources to take that first step when we do not know where to start.

Connecting the Bible to Real Life -VideoBible Facts Exps

Most people have heard something from the bible used in todays world. For example , “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth”. Do not judge , Scapegoat or sacrificial lamb, Anti-Christ, Sabbath , ect. I encourage to read, “My Spiritual Journey” page and see. As I learned truth about physical things, my mind started opening to the spiritual teaching I have made 100 thirty minute video bible lessons. I am going to recut into small videos. Maybe something will be a “Lightbulb or Eureka moment. Mine started after understanding the deeper story behind ,”Going the Extra Mile.

Grace & Mercy & Forgiveness -

It has been said, "All roads lead to god", to which I agree! II encourage you to read,"My Spiritual Journey " in the "About " section on menu. will tell you, that people are searching the internet, rather than churches. Who can you trust? Know this as you search Christianity is the only faith, that God extends grace,mercy and forgiveness freely! All other faiths require you to do something ,follow rules,or perfom rituaul to earn grace,mercy and forgiveness. Perhaps this music video will touch you.

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We Get It. Life Can Be Hard, and We Want to Help.
Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, self-worth issues or one of the many other topics listed below? If so, please click on the link below that most closely matches your struggle and read more. Don’t give up because there is help and there is HOPE.Remember, if this is an emergency please dial 911 or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255”'